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Our choices define us. Our choices determine our destiny. You are the driver of your life. Everything that you have done, are doing right now and will do in the future impacts your destiny. Destiny is a product of the choices that we make during our lives and the actions that we take. Destiny is not a gift that was given or written in the stars.

Greg can help you develop a specific strategy that will allow you to attain your goals and desires. His experience and hands-on guidance will assist you in reaching your full potential.


"To be GREAT and achieve YOUR own success in life, YOU must begin YOUR journey with an UNSHAKABLE confidence in YOUR own abilities. Whether others believe in YOU or not, YOU must believe in YOU!!! No one, I mean NO ONE, can make YOU feel inferior without YOUR consent … YOUR destiny will not be determined by circumstances or the opinions of others; YOUR destiny will be determined solely by YOUR own analysis of YOURSELF and what YOU believe YOU can do. GREAT people have chosen to ignore the naysayers and instead they buy into GOD’S view of them! What do YOU believe? YOUR brain is the GREATEST computer that WILL EVER BE CREATED! USE it, SHARPEN it, FEED it with POSITIVE THOUGHTS and create the world YOU want. THINK BIG!! AND WHEN YOU GET TIRED, THINK BIGGER."

~Greg White

Every Dream Has Potential!


But not without an action plan to make the dream a reality. No matter how much you've done, there is so much more to learn and do. Keep Striving to Get Better. The goal has be to Excellence!


PERSONAL EXCELLENCE is without question the most important intangible asset that you can acquire. Achieving personal excellence in your business, industry and personal life requires lifelong dedication. But, once you are able to elevate into to top 10% of your field you will be one of the highest-paid people in the country. 

This will bring the utmost respect to all the people around you. You will be able to live the life that you want and enjoy high levels of self-esteem, self-respect, and personal pride. It will also allow you to network with others who have risen to a similar status. This will allow for additional opportunities in business and your social life!


Everyone can acquire three forms of INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL. These require an investment of study, modeling, and hard work but pay off in higher income for the rest of your life. 

The first type of INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL you can acquire consists of your core knowledge, skills, and abilities. These are a result of your education, experience, and training. They determine how well you do your job and the value of your contribution to your business. 


The second form of INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL that you can possess is your knowledge of how your business operates internally, in comparison to that of your competitors or any other business.


Each business develops a series of systems, procedures, methods, techniques, and strategies to market, sell, produce, deliver products and services, and satisfy customers. Each business has internal systems of accounting, administration, and financial controls. These systems take many years to develop and considerable time for a new person to learn.  A person who knows and understands these systems intimately has a form of intellectual capital that is hard to replace.


The third type of INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL that you can possess, and it’s perhaps the key contributor to your earning ability, is your knowledge and understanding of how to get financial results in a competitive market. This includes your knowledge of your products and services and how to sell them. 

This includes your knowledge of customers and suppliers and how to deal with them. It embraces your familiarity with bankers, lawyers, accountants, and government officials and how to interact with them effectively. This form of intellectual capital may take years to build and is extremely valuable to your organization. 



You do this by continually increasing your INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL, by upgrading your ability to do your job, by becoming a valuable part of the organization and getting more and better financial results for your organization. 

Contact Greg today to reach your full potential. 

Greg customizes each of his one-on-one clients to meet their needs. This ability to tap into each client's specific areas of concern is what sets him apart from most coaches. Below is a sampling of strategy sessions that are available to all his coaching clients.   

Guide To Effective
Goal Setting

Goal setting can provide numerous personal and professional advantages; however, many of us fail to take advantage of this tool. Without goal setting, it can be difficult to attain your desires. It is far too easy to become distracted and sidetracked by outside forces.

Become A Master Networker

Becoming a Master Networker is a skill.  Networking is a powerful tool that helps you make beneficial connections useful in business and social contacts. It has the power to propel your career forward; however, networking requires drive, hard work, organization, and a persistent attitude. 

Thriving In The Midst Of Change

Some people cling desperately to the past. They hang on to what’s familiar, snuggling ever deeper into their comfortable routines to avoid the chilling thought that they might have to change.

Winning With A Positive Attitude

Life does not always go as planned. There are times when we win, and there are times when we lose, whatever the situation. We need to remain positive, not only when things go right but also when things go wrong.

Appreciating Your Success

You are a great person.  You are great because of the things you have achieved, no matter how big or small. At every turning point in your life, you have made decisions and accomplished things that have made you who you are right now. 

Becoming A Winner

In life, we all need to win. Victory is what we are all after. There are all types of victories. The ultimate victory is what matters to us most. The reason you’re reading this book is because you want to achieve goals in life and win. All of us want to be victorious in our lives. 

Be Aggressive And Proactive

Proactive people become successful. On your road to success, one of the key skills you need to learn is to be proactive. The proactive person is ahead in almost every aspect of life. It is one of the essential skills that differentiate the high performers from the rest. 

You Have To Believe It To Achieve It

The lives that we have are tremendously valuable. We instinctively know it, which is why survival is the most basic human need. However, at a conscious level, we sometimes do not value ourselves as we should. We let others ride our lives and use us.  Because we do not value ourselves, we rarely believe in ourselves.

Taking Control Of Your Time

Time Management is a broad topic, yet it is another important aspect to be mastered for success. If you go into any bookstore, you will find several books on time management.

Take Control Of Your Destiny

Our choices define us. Our choices determine our destiny. You are the driver of your life. Everything that you have done, are doing right now and will do in the future impacts your destiny. Destiny is a product of the choices that we make during our lives and the actions that we take. Destiny is not a gift that was given or written in the stars.

Setting A Strategy For Your Life

Life is all about strategy. How we strategize our lives determines how successful we become. Strategy is a subject generally taught in business schools and associated with managing corporations. Yet our everyday lives are filled with opportunities when applying strategy becomes a crucial requirement. 

Becoming Successful And Happy

We all strive for happiness. Most everything that we do on a daily basis we do to achieve a state of happiness. Knowingly or unknowingly, it is what drives and motivates us.  Whether it is in our careers, studies, or family lives, happiness is what we ultimately want to achieve.

Find Your Passion
Chase Your Dreams

We are blessed because we can dream. Dreams guide us to be great. They give us the energy to fly. All the achievements in humanity have happened because we are able to dream. Without dreams, there wouldn’t be any imagination or creativity. 

Finding Your Purpose

We all live for a purpose.  The purpose we each live for is unique to us and defines us; however, the most difficult challenge is understanding this purpose. We can think about it for years and years and yet not find the answer that we are seeking. If you really look at life, the three aspects to our purpose can help us understand things better. 

Facing Your Fear And Defeating It

We all want to succeed.  Nobody wants to be unsuccessful. But different things keep us away from the success that we want to achieve. I believe the answer lies within us. One fundamental factor that keeps us from being our best is fear. 


Jim Harrick

Los Angeles, California

"Greg is a consummate pro who has great energy-ideas-insights-tips and thoughts who delivers his “Winning Edge” message with an exuberant style that will captivate any audience and leave a powerful lasting impression. His attention to detail and veracity of words really resonate with any audience. FROM HIS DYNAMIC OPENING, THRU IT ALL, HE IS A SPARK-PLUG!! I highly recommend Greg White to speak to any group interested in success and high-level achievement!”

Charles J. Basham 

General, United States Marine Corps, Okinawa, Japan

“Greg’s influence and inspiration changed my life. Since I met him, I have never been afraid to go after what I wanted. If I’ve fallen along the way, I have had the courage to stand up, dust myself off, and continue on my intended path. Greg White embodies everything a role model should be. He motivates everyone around him to aspire to greatness in all aspects of life.”

Dana Altman

Head Basketball Coach
University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon

“Greg speaks with incredible energy and passion and has a tremendous message with great entertainment value. His “WINNING EDGE” programs focus on all personal qualities directly related to success and high-level achievement. Greg represents professionalism, loyalty, and hard work at all times. He lives and breathes everything he talks about. If you are looking for someone to “FIRE UP” your organization or group...Greg is your man!”

The Power of Positive Influence

Keith Veney

former player and CEO of Veney Management Group, Washington, DC

"Coach White showed me the real importance of paying attention to detail. He showed me that with perfection, anything can work. He gave me all the things I needed to be successful in life first, and then basketball. With Coach White, I was able to accomplish personal goals within a team concept because he is the ultimate player's coach."

Charlie Hagley 

Alexion Pharmaceuticals 
Boston, Massachusetts

“Greg White changed my life over 30 years ago when, as a youth, I heard him speak at a basketball camp about chasing dreams. Years later, as a member of his coaching staff, I learned daily the WINNING EDGE and it was life-altering! Greg believes, lives, and inspires exactly what he teaches! Greg’s influence set me up for success throughout my life. If you are a leader of people, having Greg speak to your group will be one of the single biggest investments you can make into your organization!”

Brian Faulknier

Chief Operating Officer 
Birmingham, Alabama

“The years I spent under your wing at Marshall University as a player and young graduate assistance coach changed my life. You set me up for everything I have in my professional career, taught me most of everything I pass on to my young folks. I am now scaling an international business and finally a major corporate leader. I owe you for everything. You will never know how much I appreciate you!”

Request a Coaching Conversation with Greg White


Donnie Jones

Head Basketball Coach
Stetson University

DeLand, Florida

It is an amazing feeling I cannot put in words what you have done for me since I met you at the age of 12. It all starts with a dream! You taught me to do that and have always encouraged me and been my mentor when I was not sure I was going to make it. You always had the right words. I am not just thanking you because we won the National Championship. I’m thanking you for making a difference and teaching me and hopefully, I can do the same for another person. You are so much more than a friend, you are a brother!!!"

Craig Morgan, Esq. 

Attorney at Law 
Sherman & Howard
Phoenix, Arizona

"Many years ago, I attended your camps. I never became much of a ballplayer, but the lessons you taught me nonetheless helped me succeed at another important game...THE GAME OF LIFE!! You taught me about hard work, perseverance, dedication, accountability, and integrity. You taught me that goals and dreams matter. You taught me humility and the value of failure. I am eternally thankful. You may not feel your importance every second of the day. But, know that your importance and impact on others cannot be understated. You helped shape some of the best coaches and players the game has ever known. But, for every coach or player, you have made a better person, I have no doubt there are three others out there nailing the GAME OF LIFE for having spent a little time with you. Let that sink in."

Jennifer Haynes, Esq.

Senior Trial Attorney
Trial Division 
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

Orlando, Florida

“I met Greg White when I was a freshman at Marshall University. I had no idea how working for and with him for three and a half years would influence my life. Greg's powerful character, energy, tenacity, attention to detail, and passion to ALWAYS BE THE BEST, is present and undeniable as soon as he walks into a room. What I learned from not only listening to him, but watching him, has shaped the person, both personally and professionally, that I am today. I have seen him change and inspire both children and adults in mere moments and create an experience that they will never forget. I am truly blessed to have a mentor and friend in Greg White for the past 22 years and will continue to cherish that relationship for years to come." 

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