Greg White is one of the most sought after corporate
motivational speakers in the country.


Greg brings great knowledge, great enthusiasm as well as tremendous entertainment value to each crowd. His goal is to energize, inspire and educate. As a success trainer, he has delivered THE WINNING EDGE motivational presentation for corporations, foundations, associations and business groups. Greg has spoken to over 2,500 groups and organizations while traveling the world impacting the personal and professional lives of his clients. 

In The Corporate Market,

Greg has delivered his THE WINNING EDGE programs to many top United States companies and corporations such as Mercedes, BMW, Ford, Chevrolet, Wendy's, Little Caesars, Subway, IBM, Manpower, NiSource, Columbia Gas, Timken, BB&T Banks, Huntington Banks, United National Bank, Home Depot, West Virginia Treasury Department, United States Education Department, Whayne-Walker CAT, AT&T, Exxon, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Big Shots, State Farm, Nationwide, Boys Scouts of America, Pikeville National Bank, West Virginia Lottery, Fifth Third Bank, Recovery Centers of America, Central Bank and Trust of Kentucky, Acordia Insurance, YMCA, Paul Revere Insurance Company, City National Bank, West Virginia Public Service Training, Chase Bank, Community Trust Bank, West Virginia Underwriters, Kentucky National Insurance Company, Chime Marketing Group, Cabell Huntington Hospitals, National Travel, National AAU, Capital Beverage Corporation, Employer Interactive Network, Special Olympics, Senior Olympics, Boys and Girls Club of America, Charleston Gazette Newspapers, PAC 12 Basketball Officials, South Carolina Fire Chiefs Association and many more. He has spoken at hundreds of civic organizations assisting Rotary and Kiwanis clubs.

Greg is also a popular Chamber of Commerce speaker and also spoken at numerous Corporate Foundation events.

"Success is an attitude. Success requires maximum effort. It is peace of mind and a state of mind. And please note the emphasis on “self” in self-satisfaction. Your success should never be determined by the approval or recognition of others. If so, you’ll live a highly disappointing life."

~Greg White

Greg is
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The Winning Edge Programs For Corporate Markets

Greg's programs focus on Goal Setting, Peak Performance, Selling, and all personal qualities directly related to success and high-level achievement.

Success - Mastering the 5 C's  |  Guide to Successful Goal Setting

Becoming a Master Networker  |  Thriving in the Midst of Change

Winning with a Positive Attitude

Every Dream Has Potential!


But not without an action plan to make the dream a reality. No matter how much you've done, there is so much more to learn and do. Keep Striving to Get Better. The goal has be to Excellence!


PERSONAL EXCELLENCE is without question the most important intangible asset that you can acquire. Achieving personal excellence in your business, industry and personal life requires lifelong dedication. But, once you are able to elevate into to top 10% of your field you will be one of the highest-paid people in the country. 

This will bring the utmost respect to all the people around you. You will be able to live the life that you want and enjoy high levels of self-esteem, self-respect, and personal pride. It will also allow you to network with others who have risen to a similar status. This will allow for additional opportunities in business and your social life!


Everyone can acquire three forms of INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL. These require an investment of study, modeling, and hard work but pay off in higher income for the rest of your life. 

The first type of INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL you can acquire consists of your core knowledge, skills, and abilities. These are a result of your education, experience, and training. They determine how well you do your job and the value of your contribution to your business. 


The second form of INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL that you can possess is your knowledge of how your business operates internally, in comparison to that of your competitors or any other business.


Each business develops a series of systems, procedures, methods, techniques, and strategies to market, sell, produce, deliver products and services, and satisfy customers. Each business has internal systems of accounting, administration, and financial controls. These systems take many years to develop and considerable time for a new person to learn.  A person who knows and understands these systems intimately has a form of intellectual capital that is hard to replace.


The third type of INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL that you can possess, and it’s perhaps the key contributor to your earning ability, is your knowledge and understanding of how to get financial results in a competitive market. This includes your knowledge of your products and services and how to sell them. 

This includes your knowledge of customers and suppliers and how to deal with them. It embraces your familiarity with bankers, lawyers, accountants, and government officials and how to interact with them effectively. This form of intellectual capital may take years to build and is extremely valuable to your organization. 



You do this by continually increasing your INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL, by upgrading your ability to do your job, by becoming a valuable part of the organization and getting more and better financial results for your organization. 


Greg's Success Ship

The “SUCCESS SHIP” epitomizes what I have tried to be about during my professional career. The GAME OF LIFE is the most difficult game any of us will ever play in. There are no time-outs or substitutions. You're calling the signals and you have four awesome teammates: Faith, Courage, Loyalty and Dedication. You should work hard the develop the SUCCESS SHIP’s “ULTIMATE SUCCESS QUALITIES” and challenge yourself to constantly achieve at your highest levels. Handle your adversity and make it fertilizer for your next success. The GOAL has to be EXCELLENCE!!! Become the best YOU possible!!!!



Greg's Customization Promise

Greg’s “Winning Edge” programs are customized for each meeting or event’s objective. Greg does extensive research and planning well before the event to ensure relevance to his message. Greg also schedules a final call with event planners to make sure all of the details associated with the event are confirmed and accurate. 

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Global Reach,
Global Message

Greg has spoken, played or coached basketball in every state in the union and cities all over the world. In the corporate market, Greg speaks to Fortune 500 companies, ranging from Mercedes to BMW to Subway. In the educational markets, Greg has spoken to hundreds of K-12 school systems and university crowds, from UCLA to Kansas State to University of South Carolina, bringing his uplifting and informative message to every group imaginable.

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