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Special Bond



"Greg is the most powerful, energetic, motivated individual I've ever been associated with."


Donnie Jones

Stetson University Head Coach

2 time National Champion


It isn't always about the game of basketball....

Coach White,


Many years ago I attended your camps. It was in the early to mid 90s. I was just a kid, with no athletic talent to speak of. All I wanted to do was play basketball. I attended your camps and worked hard to do the best I could to absorb everything you had to say. I was determined to maximize my time there and somehow, someway, grow.


I never became much of a ballplayer (not for lack of effort, but talent is what it is and mine, if any, was not in the athletic arena). But the lessons you taught me (and others) nonetheless helped me succeed at another important game: the game of life. The one game that actually matters. The “big” game, if you will.


You taught me about hard work, perseverance, dedication, accountability, and integrity. You taught me to not give up. You taught me that goals and dreams matter. All of those lessons have made me a good father, husband, and friend. Those lessons helped me navigate college, graduate at the top of my law school, and traverse life as a lawyer. Those lessons made me a partner at a large law firm. Those lessons have helped me find and retain important clients, and work on very important matters that have helped engineer social change. Those lessons helped me be the best father to three amazing children I could be. Those lessons taught me humility and the value of failure.


I never learned to spin a ball on my finger all that well. But I still picked up some life-long tips and lessons from you. And for that, I am eternally thankful. You may not feel or realize the importance of your efforts every second of your day. But know that your importance and impact on others cannot be understated. You have helped shape some of the best coaches and players the game has ever known. But for every amazing coach or player you have made a better person, I have no doubt there are three others out there nailing the game of life as a result of having spent just a little time with you. Let that sink in.


~Craig Morgan 

Attorney at Law, Sherman & Howard

Phoenix, Arizona

Global Reach,
Global Message

Greg has spoken, played or coached basketball in every state in the union and cities all over the world. In the corporate market, Greg speaks to Fortune 500 companies, ranging from Mercedes to BMW to Subway. In the educational markets, Greg has spoken to hundreds of K-12 school systems and university crowds, from UCLA to Kansas State to University of South Carolina, bringing his uplifting and informative message to every group imaginable.

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