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Kevin Keatts 

Head Basketball Coach 
NC State University
Raleigh, North Carolina

“Greg speaks with great energy and passion. He genuinely loves helping others. His “WINNING EDGE” programs are perfect for any organization looking for success. His presentations are incredibly powerful and unique on goal setting, making great choices, and taking actionable steps towards reaching your goals. A master motivator that will really get you thinking. I highly recommend him."

Jim Harrick

Los Angeles, California

"Greg is a consummate pro who has great energy-ideas-insights-tips and thoughts who delivers his “Winning Edge” message with an exuberant style that will captivate any audience and leave a powerful lasting impression. His attention to detail and veracity of words really resonate with any audience. FROM HIS DYNAMIC OPENING, THRU IT ALL, HE IS A SPARK-PLUG!! I highly recommend Greg White to speak to any group interested in success and high-level achievement!”

Dana Altman

Head Basketball Coach
University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon

“Greg's incredible energy and passion along with his tremendous message brings a great entertainment value to his audience. His “WINNING EDGE” programs focus on all personal qualities directly related to success and high-level achievement. Greg represents professionalism, loyalty, and hard work at all times. He lives and breathes everything he talks about. If you are looking for someone to “FIRE UP” your organization or group...Greg is your man!”

What They're Saying About

Greg White

Award-Winning Speaker, Author, Coach, Trainer 
and Consultant

Rich Patterson

General Sales Manager, The Timken Company, Champagne, Illinois

“Thank you for the outstanding motivational presentation at our sales conference. You really hit the mark and delivered a fantastic boost to our US sales team. We will always remember the 5 Cs, your perspective on life and the importance of planning for success.” 

Doug Tyson

Branch Manager, Wells Fargo Bank, Los Angeles, California

“Wow!!! Greg has incredible energy, passion and a terrific message with the 5 C’s that totally mesmerized our staffers. Hands down, the best speaker I have ever heard in my 30 years in business. Holds the audience the entire presentation.”

Mike D'Antoni

NBA Head Basketball Coach, 
and Olympic Team Coach,
Austin, Texas

"Greg will take an audience, inspire them to work harder and motivate them to achieve success that they haven't had before. If you're looking for a speaker to motivate your audience, Greg's your guy."

Dr. Dave Cochrane

Dentist, Austin, Texas

"As a father of four children, you struck a deep chord with my kids and they all talked about it in the car on the way home. You were able to deliver an incredibly important message in a humorous way, unique in style with amazing entertainment value. You touched the emotions of every person in that room tonight and brought several to tears, including my wife. To hold a crowd of all age groups for that long is a true talent. You are hands down the best speaker I have ever witnessed in my 25 years of attending national conferences for continuing education. Thank you for your time, amazing energy and passion.  God has blessed you with special talent second to none.  Keep up the great work!!!” 

Jennifer Haynes, Esq.

Senior Trial Attorney
Trial Division 
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

Orlando, Florida

“I met Greg White when I was a freshman at Marshall University. I had no idea how working for and with him for three and a half years would influence my life. Greg's powerful character, energy, tenacity, attention to detail, and passion to ALWAYS BE THE BEST, is present and undeniable as soon as he walks into a room. What I learned from not only listening to him, but watching him, has shaped the person, both personally and professionally, that I am today. I have seen him change and inspire both children and adults in mere moments and create an experience that they will never forget. I am truly blessed to have a mentor and friend in Greg White for the past 22 years and will continue to cherish that relationship for years to come." 

Chet R. Marshall 

International Speaker, Author and Executive Coach, Charleston, WV

“Spellbound, entertained and inspired are just a few of the words that immediately come to mind when thinking of Greg White and the impact he has with audiences. Greg’s goal is focused on making sure his message is received to positively influence, challenge and add value to each audience member. I’ve had the privilege of hearing most of the international’s best, and Greg White is among the elite regardless of the ages of his audience.  He delivers with incredible style. Standing ovations are great, but Greg is focused more on what each person is inspired to do when they walk out. More interested in “engagement” than entertainment, Greg White delivers.”

Charles J. Basham

General, United States Marine Corps, Okinawa, Japan

“Greg’s influence and inspiration changed my life. Since I met him, I have never been afraid to go after what I wanted. If I’ve fallen along the way, I have had the courage to stand up, dust myself off, and continue on my intended path. Greg White embodies everything a role model should be. He motivates everyone around him to aspire to greatness in all aspects of life.”

Henry Goss 

Johnson & Johnson, Macon, Georgia

"Greg White is more than a motivational speaker. He will bring real-world success stories on how to motivate the most important team in the game - Your Team! Greg has been making a positive impact on businesses and corporate speaking engagements for over twenty-five years. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious to the point that you will want to leap from your seat and get into the game yourself. If your organization is looking for someone to lift the spirits and energize a group, Greg White is definitely your man."

Larry F. Mazza

President and CEO, BB&T,
Clarksburg, West Virginia

"Greg White, with his intense, humorous, and entertaining style, did a fantastic job motivating and inspiring the young athletes at our sports awards banquet. His ability to capture the audience was evidenced by the standing ovation, which seemed to last forever by the 250 people in attendance -- the only standing ovation ever received by any of our banquet speakers over the past 11 years. Keep up the terrific work -- you're the best." 

J. Reymond

IT Sales Manager
Hillrom Corporation 
Davidson, North Carolina

"Greg White captured my mind as a child and even more as an adult with his speaking ability. His passion for his message is intoxicating. The energy he delivers his message with is unequaled. His words are unforgettable. His sincerity makes it impossible not to take something with you every time you hear or speak with him.”

Charlie Hagley 

Alexion Pharmaceuticals 
Boston, Massachusetts

“Greg White changed my life over 30 years ago when, as a youth, I heard him speak at a basketball camp about chasing dreams. Years later, as a member of his coaching staff, I learned daily the WINNING EDGE and it was life-altering! Greg believes, lives, and inspires exactly what he teaches! Greg’s influence set me up for success throughout my life. If you are a leader of people, having Greg speak to your group will be one of the single biggest investments you can make into your organization!”

Brian Faulknier

Chief Operating Officer 
Birmingham, Alabama

“The years I spent under your wing at Marshall University as a player and young graduate assistance coach changed my life. You set me up for everything I have in my professional career, taught me most of everything I pass on to my young folks. I am now scaling an international business and finally a major corporate leader. I owe you for everything. You will never know how much I appreciate you!”

Ron Gilmore 

IBM Core Banking Executive,
Atlanta, Georgia

“Greg White is a big-time winner and can help you and your organization learn how having a goal and working hard can help you and your team exceed their goals in business and in life. Greg is an incredible motivational speaker who leads by example and is phenomenal at communicating what it takes to be successful.”

Charlotte Keim

President, Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce, Marietta, Ohio

"Compelling and entertaining, Greg White delivers a powerful message that motivates and lifts the audience. His message about winning on the court and in life captivates the audience, as do his astonishing basketball skills. Again and again, the 550 guests at our annual meeting commented, ‘He was awesome’."

George Washington 

Sports Illustrated,

New York, New York

"Greg White is a very dynamic person and a tremendous motivational speaker. He has remarkable abilities to communicate and lead. Greg gets everyone in the room fired up."

Douglas Cline  

President, South Carolina State Firefighters Association 

Aynor, South Carolina

“It was an honor to have Greg White as the keynote speaker at the installation banquet. Having a childhood hero, neighbor, well-known basketball legend and world-class speaker was humbling. Many good memories and stories of the South Mullens days! Honored and humbled to serve the Palmetto State as the President of the State Chiefs Association. Awesome to have my family there during this event.” 

Ken Labanowski 

Home Depot, Regional Sales Manager, Baltimore, Maryland

"Greg White is a terrific motivational speaker!! He speaks with incredible energy, passion and wisdom of what it takes to be successful in life!  Our employees are still talking about him! I highly recommend him!!"

Joey Holland  

President, Chevrolet and Imports, Charleston, West Virginia

"Greg White is truly one of the best speakers I've ever had the privilege to listen to. If you are looking for a speaker who can make a lasting impression on your employees, then Greg White is your man. My employees continue to talk about the message he shared with us on building a successful team."

Keith Veney  

former player and CEO of Veney Management Group

Washington, DC

"Coach White showed me the real importance of paying attention to detail. He showed me that with perfection, anything can work. He gave me all the things I needed to be successful in life first, and then basketball. With Coach White, I was able to accomplish personal goals within a team concept because he is the ultimate player's coach."

Ed Bellville  

Mercedes, Charleston,
West Virginia

"Greg White spoke to our sales force about ‘attitude.’ His speech was turbo charged and a tremendous boost to our sales force and the milestone in the life of our company. In his words we found truth and wisdom and took home a powerful reminder of what we are here on earth to do. He was spectacular."

Gregory S. Moore OD  

President, West Virginia Board of Optometry, Charleston, West Virginia

"I wanted to thank you for the tremendous presentation you gave to the WV Optometric Association. You have an innate ability to inspire and motivate. Everyone I talked with afterwards mentioned how much they enjoyed your talk. Thanks for inspiring our members to take their ‘game’ to the next level.  Keep up the great work!"

Global Reach,
Global Message

Greg has spoken, played or coached basketball in every state in the union and cities all over the world. In the corporate market, Greg speaks to Fortune 500 companies, ranging from Mercedes to BMW to Subway. In the educational markets, Greg has spoken to hundreds of K-12 school systems and university crowds, from UCLA to Kansas State to University of South Carolina, bringing his uplifting and informative message to every group imaginable.

Schedule Your Event With Greg

If you're looking for a dynamic speaker with amazing content, tremendous entertainment value and a spot-on customized message, Greg is your speaker.

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