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Kevin Keatts

Head Basketball Coach 
NC State University
Raleigh, North Carolina

“Greg speaks with great energy and passion. He genuinely loves helping others. His “WINNING EDGE” programs are perfect for any organization looking for success. His presentations are incredibly powerful and unique on goal setting, making great choices, and taking actionable steps towards reaching your goals. A master motivator that will really get you thinking. I highly recommend him."

Jim Harrick

Los Angeles, California

"Greg is a consummate pro who has great energy-ideas-insights-tips and thoughts who delivers his “Winning Edge” message with an exuberant style that will captivate any audience and leave a powerful lasting impression. His attention to detail and veracity of words really resonate with any audience. FROM HIS DYNAMIC OPENING, THRU IT ALL, HE IS A SPARK-PLUG!! I highly recommend Greg White to speak to any group interested in success and high-level achievement!”

Dana Altman 

Head Basketball Coach
University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon

“Greg incredible energy and passion along with his tremendous message brings a great entertainment value. His “WINNING EDGE” programs focus on all personal qualities directly related to success and high-level achievement. Greg represents professionalism, loyalty, and hard work at all times. He lives and breathes everything he talks about. If you are looking for someone to “FIRE UP” your organization or group...Greg is your man!”

What They're Saying About

Greg White

Award-Winning Speaker, Author, Coach, Trainer 
and Consultant

Max Allen  

College Student, Gold Coast, Australia

“Absolutely phenomenal speaker! The words of Greg White were simply brilliant. His speech of inspiration to instill what it takes to be a cut above the rest is second to none in the desire of chasing dreams. Mr. White makes it easy to understand and be motivated toward the future.”

Elliot Le Petit  

College Student, Wellington,
New Zealand

“Greg White’s speech made me reflect on why I am in college, what I want out of it and how lucky I really am to have this opportunity. His speech gave me insight into the importance of communication and going the extra step to stand out as a purple cow.”

Kalmire Hodge

College Student, Richmond, Virginia

 “The best motivational speaker by far. Great energy, great attitude. If you want to stand out, be the “purple cow”. You have to do things others cannot. Take the extra mile you have, and take the initiative to be successful. Always dress nice, watch what you say, how you say it and keep a positive attitude.”

John Calipari

Head Basketball Coach,
University of Arkansas,
Fayetteville, Arkansas

"If you need a speaker to inspire your people, to do it with passion, to leave them a message that really motivates and moves them...You need Greg White."

Mike D'Antoni

NBA Head Coach and Olympic Team Coach, Austin, Texas

"Greg will take an audience, inspire them to work harder and motivate them to achieve success that they haven't had before. If you're looking for a speaker to motivate your audience, Greg's your guy."

Gregg Marshall 

Former Head Basketball Coach, Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas

“Greg White is a Master Motivator. He genuinely cares about others and wants to see them succeed at a high level. He was the impetus for my becoming a Division I head basketball coach and has supported me throughout my career.”

J. Reymond 

IT Sales Manager
Hillrom Corporation 
Davidson, North Carolina

"Greg White captured my mind as a child and even more as an adult with his speaking ability. His passion for his message is intoxicating. The energy he delivers his message with is unequaled. His words are unforgettable. His sincerity makes it impossible not to take something with you every time you hear or speak with him.”

Charlie Hagley 

Alexion Pharmaceuticals 
Boston, Massachusetts

“Greg White changed my life over 30 years ago when, as a youth, I heard him speak at a basketball camp about chasing dreams. Years later, as a member of his coaching staff, I learned daily the WINNING EDGE and it was life-altering! Greg believes, lives, and inspires exactly what he teaches! Greg’s influence set me up for success throughout my life. If you are a leader of people, having Greg speak to your group will be one of the single biggest investments you can make into your organization!”

Brian Faulknier

Chief Operating Officer 
Birmingham, Alabama

“The years I spent under your wing at Marshall University as a player and young graduate assistance coach changed my life. You set me up for everything I have in my professional career, taught me most of everything I pass on to my young folks. I am now scaling an international business and finally a major corporate leader- I owe you for everything. You will never know how much I appreciate you!”

Shawn Finney 

Assistant Head Coach, Samford University, Homewood, Alabama

"Greg White will mesmerize listeners with his motivational and inspirational lecture. He delivers a very powerful message that will energize both youth and adults."

Donnie Jones 

Head Basketball Coach, Stetson University, Deland, Florida

"Greg is the most powerful, energetic, motivational individual I've ever been associated with. I promise you that bringing Greg into your group or organization will impact your program in amazing ways."

Robert Vincent

College Student, Liverpool, England

“From the very first second, Greg White grabs your attention and, with a mix of life experiences and hard-hitting truths, teaches you valuable life lessons.”

Allison Harper 

College Student, State University of New York, Cobleskill, New York

“Thank you for coming to speak to SUNY Cobleskill. Sports are a way for me to get my mind off schoolwork and off the stresses at home which were strenuous sometimes. I refused to let things at home affect my school work because I refused to slack off on my road to vet school. I want to thank you for your words; they have stuck. They have brightened me up because I was falling, losing hope. But I know, and as I look back, that swimming and sports have created the person I am today and I couldn’t be more thankful.” 

Ann Flynt 

Counselor, Capital High School, Charleston, West Virginia

"The students, teachers and staff would like to extend our appreciation to Greg White for coming to speak to our 400 9th grade students! Coach White had the ability to reach our students with his inspiring message about growing up in a small town in West Virginia and facing many of the same issues that they face and later achieving success. Many of our students had never heard a message like this before or met someone like Greg. I am thrilled that they had the opportunity to hear his message at such a pivotal time in their lives. They're still talking about it!"

Sonya Dunlap

Teacher, Scott High School,
Madison, West Virginia

“Greg spoke to our students and encouraged them in an amazing and relevant way. He was able to identify with them, especially given the fact that he hails from a small county with limited opportunities in southern West Virginia. Greg White left not only the students inspired but also any adults who happened to be within earshot. He has a great story and knows how to inspire. Our school community has been strengthened and emboldened by his words and his encouragement.”

Reggie Dillingham 

College Student, St. Augustine, Florida

 “Mr. White is very educational and inspirational. I believe that he was extremely well-organized. He not only knew what to say during his speech, but he also knew how to get through to his audiences and maintain their full attention. I personally can benefit from his speech and his 5 C’s to success. I feel that he put it in a great way to remember and apply easily to life.” 

Sushma Shakya 

College Student, Pokhara, Nepal

“I really appreciate Mr. Greg White motivating us to set and achieve our goals. He taught us that success is what you want to make it for yourself and we always have to keep doing right.  We need to be the people who make things happen, not the people who watch or wonder what’s happening. His speech was really inspiring and motivational which I think every student needs once in a while.”

Justin Palmer

College Student, Lewisburg,
West Virginia

“Your speech today was one of the most impacting speeches I have ever had the privilege to be a part of. Not only did you motivate me academically, but athletically. After your speech I realized the opportunities I have been given. I have realized I have great opportunities with football as well. I have the opportunity to be the first in my family to graduate college.”

Gena Godby

Counselor, Scott High School,
Madison, West Virginia

“Greg White delivered an absorbing message of lessons gained as a youth athlete that can be transferred into all our students' everyday life & futures. A fire was lit in our students which was discussed in the hallways, classrooms and homes well after he left. To see his use of the basketball was a gift to our entire student body of more than 600, but it also kept all silent and attentive on his message. His message of the 5 C's was a semesters worth of course work in 50 minutes for Scott High School. Being from a small struggling town himself, our students were able to see and feel that their dreams can come true as well, with organized and purposeful hard work. He is like the good work he speaks of, busy and full of good works for communities.”

Morgan Vincent

Mentor, WVU Outreach Program, Morgantown, West Virginia

“Coach Greg White gave an amazing motivational speech to our students participating in our local low-income summer reading and nutrition program.  He made it a day to remember by sharing an uplifting message regarding success and life choices in an interactive, entertaining manner. By sharing his personal story, he demonstrated that being successful doesn’t depend upon where you came from, but the choices you make, how to set goals and where setting a goal can take you, and how to make a great first impression by shaking hands when first meeting somebody. Overall, we found him to be highly approachable, inspiring and energetic.” 

Melanie Vickers

Educator, Chandler Academy, Charleston, West Virginia

“Thank you for touching the hearts and minds of the Chandler Academy students. Your presentation engaged them more than anything I’ve seen. To me, the best part was afterwards when I watched students who don’t usually express gratitude or show courtesy to adults come up and thank you for coming to speak. One of the best was a young man who pointed to the word perseverance painted on the hallway wall and said, ‘That’s what you were talking about.’ As a role model you shared with our students what they need most in life; the message to set a positive goal and to put forth effort to achieve it every day.” 

Jared Bloxton  

College Student, Ravenswood,
West Virginia

“Greg White was in one word – fantastic! His style of speaking kept me engaged like no other speaker I have ever heard. That, along with his life stories and lessons, makes him a very special and inspirational person to listen to. It was a privilege to hear him speak, and I can honestly say that I will remember his words forever.”

Samantha Smith 

College Student, Virginia Beach, Virginia

“White’s speech inspired me because I saw how he went through struggles in his life but it never defeated him. He only worked harder to accomplish his dreams. Now he is traveling the world helping young adults achieve their dreams by telling them anything is possible. White made me believe in myself and that I can do anything I set my mind to.”

LeAnne Ross

College Student, Marietta, Ohio

 “I really enjoyed your speech, everything you said I could relate to and really touched me.  I want to try and live every day with the concepts you talked about today. This speech will be remembered and I will use everything talked about now and later as I continue college and make it to the real world after graduation.” 

Marcela Torres  

College Student, Bogota, Colombia

 “The ideas were interesting and also very inspiring. It reminded me that we need to stay focused and chase the victory. One thing Greg said was ‘you’re a winner if you want to be, you’re a loser if you decide to be.’”

Gabby Johnson  

College Student, Phoenix, Arizona

“Your speech has truly motivated me to not quit. I don’t come from a financially strong background, but my love and desire for basketball and to succeed has brought me to the University of Charleston. I’ve made a promise to myself to use your 5 C’s to continue my successes in life and on the court.  I can’t thank you enough for your wise words. You gave me hope.”

Adekemi Adefemi

College Student, Abuja, Nigeria

 “Your speech was great and had a great impact in my life. One of the important things I learned was the 5 C’s. I thought I could never handle school and sports but your speech changed the way I saw it.”

Aspen Echelmeier 

College Student, Auburn, California

“Don’t waste your opportunities! The strong statements that he makes throughout his speech really made a huge impact on me. By far one of the greatest speakers I have heard.”

Ryan MacPherson 

College Student, Nova Scotia, Canada

“Great speech, got across important messages that I needed to hear. A real eye-opener to what sacrifices you need to make to be successful.” 

Andy Harrison

College Student, New Castle, England

 “From the opening impression, I knew I was going to be interested. The main part I picked up on was money makes the world go ‘round! It strengthened my belief and desire to achieve success!”

Global Reach,
Global Message

Greg has spoken, played or coached basketball in every state in the union and cities all over the world. In the corporate market, Greg speaks to Fortune 500 companies, ranging from Mercedes to BMW to Subway. In the educational markets, Greg has spoken to hundreds of K-12 school systems and university crowds, from UCLA to Kansas State to University of South Carolina, bringing his uplifting and informative message to every group imaginable.

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