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Greg White Believes in THINKING BIG!!!

Greg is considered among the nation’s leading corporate and educational motivational speakers. As a success trainer, he has delivered THE WINNING EDGE motivational presentation for corporations, foundations, associations, business groups, universities, colleges, schools and youth organizations. Greg has spoken to over 2,500 groups and organizations while traveling the world impacting the personal and professional lives of his clients. Greg’s unique way of combining his spectacular, world-renowned ball handling wizardry with his passionate and moving messages captivates and resonates with his audience inspiring them to become their very BEST! He has an incredible level of energy and enthusiasm and is described by clients as amazing, enthusiastic, enlightening, electrifying, dynamic, personable and motivational. 

"Greg White with his intense, humorous and entertaining style, did a fantastic job motivating and inspiring the young athletes at our sports awards banquet. Keep up the terrific work -- you're the best."

~ Larry F. Mazza | President and CEO, BB&T

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Greg is a world-class speaker who delivers his powerful presentations to audiences throughout the United States and abroad. He brings great knowledge, great energy and enthusiasm, and tremendous entertainment value to each crowd.


Greg's proven and successful program, The Winning Edge, lays out the core building blocks to success. The Winning Edge Program includes:

  • Success: Mastering The 5 C's

  • Guide to Effective Goal Setting

  • Becoming a Master Networker

  • Winning with a Positive Attitude

  • Thriving in the Midst of Change


Proven success and precise customization are his customary trademarks. Click to read his customization promise.


Greg is
the ideal Corporate Speaker for:

  • Keynote Speeches

  • Retreats

  • Success Training

  • Team Building

  • Corporate Sales

  • Corporate Consulting

  • One-on-One Coaching

  • Awards Events


Greg is
the ideal Educational Speaker for:

  • Keynote Speeches

  • Retreats

  • Team Building

  • Any General Student Population

  • Student-Athletes at Any Level

  • Athletic Departments

  • Sports Banquets

  • Athletic Fundraising 

  • Board of Education

  • Principals

  • Teachers 

  • Life Skills Coordinators

  • Commencement Ceremonies

  • Coaches and Their Staff

  • Faculty and Staff

  • Greek Life Events


Greg's two books,  SUCCESS: Attitude is Everything and The Winning Edge are great for professionals and students alike. These invaluable publications will inspire and engage you to be a better person, student, teacher or professional at any level.

Greg's Customization Promise

Greg’s “Winning Edge” programs are customized for each meeting or event’s objective. Greg does extensive research and planning well before the event to ensure relevance to his message. Greg also schedules a final call with event planners to make sure all of the details associated with the event are confirmed and accurate. 

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If you're looking for a dynamic speaker with amazing content, tremendous entertainment value and a spot-on customized message, Greg is your speaker.


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