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SUCCESS: Attitude is Everything
Each speech below is customized to meet the needs of every group/audience that Greg speaks to.
The Winning Edge
This presentation is about what takes successful people to the top; the key to being a top producer in the “people business.” This ties all success philosophies together to assist you in climbing to the top in every profession and arena. Greg’s 5 Cs:
  1. COMMUNICATION – Conveying your thoughts.
    B. Being able to successfully convey your thoughts and ideas to others
  2. COSTUME – Dressing for success regardless of your profession. You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.
  3. CHARACTER – Integrity, spirituality. Your character has to shine through during the storm – adversity.
  4. CHALLENGE – Setting big goals. Having big dreams and not giving in to negative thoughts.
  5. CHOICES – You are two things 24 hours a day: 1) the five people you surround yourself with, and; 2) all of the little decisions you make from the time you get up until the time you go to bed.
Guide to Successful Goal Setting
Goal setting can provide numerous personal and professional advantages; however, many of us fail to take advantage of this tool. Without goal setting, it can be difficult to attain your desires. It is far too easy to become distracted and sidetracked by outside forces. Goal setting gives you the discipline and control you need to harness your desires and use them to motivate yourself. With sharp, clearly defined goals you gain the ability to measure and take pride in what you have accomplished. By being able to take stock of all the hard work you have put into something, you can see the results of that work, which also serves to increase your self-confidence.
Attitude is Everything
Attitudes, whether positive or negative, have the power to impact the organization or an individual's success. Attitudes are contagious; attitudes impact the bottom line. This dynamic, hard-hitting session teaches powerful techniques for maintaining a positive attitude in today's competitive and changing market place.
Making Performance Matter
Recognizing accomplishments fuels the desire for success. It doesn't matter which industry, occupation or position you hold in life, your performance ultimately determines your success or failure. This powerful session explores self-motivation, strategies and action required to enhance potential and maximize personal and team performance.
Teamwork: The Difference is You
The difference is you. Maximize your difference by understanding the power of being empowered. The past may be impacting your present, but it doesn't have to determine your future. Based on Greg's successful experience and athletic background, he spells out the critical action steps needed to win. Remember you can't spell success without “U”.

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